Adventure Apes and the Mayan Mystery

This is my first game, and focuses on Mitch as he tries to stop his nemesis Horatio Hawk from getting away with a magical artifact.

It was heavily inspired by one of my favourite games of all time (Metroid), so if you're a fan of exploration games, chances are you'll like it!

Where to Get a Copy




  • Explore more than 100+ huge rooms/levels.
  • Discover 6 weapons and 3 abilities to defeat your enemies.
  • Battle 5 heinous bosses.
  • Stay in control with gamepad support.
  • Learn tips, tricks, and more with the fully illustrated instruction manual.
  • Play as tiny pixel apes — armed with guns!

Misc. Artwork

There is a lot of behind the scenes work that players will never see. This section is for the concepts that went in to making various projects, as well as stuff that didn't quite make the grade.